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Homeowners Insurance for
Pensacola, Pace & Milton, FL

Your home is most likely the most important asset you’ll ever own. You need to do what you can to protect your home from disaster. That’s what a homeowners insurance policy does for you. Homeowners insurance coverage will protect you from being financial responsible for damage to your property or injuries on your property. 

There are many different kinds of homeowners insurance policies. Bay Insurance Agency can find the right one for you. We have plans that cover floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, and other disasters. We can help you pick the right plan for your location. In Santa Rosa County, FL, having hurricane insurance is essential. Ask us about purchasing the right coverage for where you live.

You’re Covered! 

Homeowners insurance coverage from Bay Insurance Agency can be tailored to the life you lead. We offer insurance plans for both homeowners and renters. What’s covered can differ depending on the home you live in. We provide full coverage for all the personal belongings in your home, as well as liability protection that covers you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage. We also have coverage available for mobile home owners. 

Bay Insurance Agency can help you get started by taking a home inventory of everything you need covered in case of disaster. Work with us to find a homeowners insurance policy that is right for you. 
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Home/Flood Companies that we represent:
American Integrity:
   Customer Service - 1-866-968-8390
   Claims - 1-866-277-9871 

   Customer Service/Claims - 1-800-627-0000

Cabrillo/Safe Harbor:
   Customer Service - 1-866-896-7233

   Customer Service - 1-888-685-1555
   Claims - 1-866-411-2742

First Premium:
   Customer Service/Claims - 1-866-595-8413

Irvin B. Green:
   Report to Agent

Southern Fidelity:
   Customer Service - 1-866-874-7342
   Claims - 1-866-722-4995

Southern Oak:
   Customer Service - 1-877-900-3971
   Claims - 1-877-900-2280

   Report to Agent

Tower Hill:
   Customer Service/Claims - 1-800-342.3407

Tower Hill Flood:
   Customer Service - 1-877-826-6920
   Claims - 1-877-254-6819

Universal P&C:
   Customer Service - 1-800-425-9113
   Claims - 1-800-470-0599

Wright Flood: 
   Customer Service - 1-800-820-3242
   Claims - 1-800-725-9472
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