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Business Owners’ Policy 

If you own a business, your company faces a number of risks that can put your business in danger. We can create a policy for your business to protect you from risk. Our commercial insurance policies will protect your commercial property and inventory, as well as provide liability protection that covers your legal responsibility due to products or services your business provides that lead to injury or damage. 

Commercial insurance plans from Bay Insurance Agency will also cover a loss of income as a result of some kind of accident or disaster that disrupts the operation of your business. This type of coverage can be essential to keeping your business up and running, even during hard times. This is especially important for small businesses.  

Own or Rent

Bay Insurance Agency also provides commercial auto insurance plans that will cover your company car in much the same way as you would cover your personal vehicle. Commercial auto insurance can protect any vehicle you use for business, especially those driven by your employees. 

Protect your business from lawsuits and financial loss with a commercial liability insurance policy from Bay Insurance Agency. We can provide multiple business insurance options from different companies. We can compare the protections provided by these policies to find the best one for you and your business. 
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